Configuring Sauce Test Suites with Appium and Ruby



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    Cayla Shaver

    Hello Haris, 

    Thank you for contacting the Sauce Labs Support Team. In order to assist you further I have a few follow up questions for clarification of your issue. You would like to utilize the Real Device Cloud Test Suites option with a test suite you created in Ruby? Unfortunately, the Test Suites feature for Real Devices is not something we suggest using at this time. This feature will likely be replaced within the new Unified Platform which will be announced at a future time. 

    What is it you are trying to use the test suite for? Are you trying to test in parallel? Or are you trying to run tests serially but only on devices that are in the list provided in the image? 

    Regarding the github repository this is not a Sauce Labs sample repository. Therefore it isn't something that we can guarantee will work. If you are looking for assistance in writing code similar to the repository you mentioned in a different language this is outside the scope of Support. If you have specific errors related to connecting your tests to Sauce Labs, feel free to send those over and we can assist you with the errors. 




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