How to mark a failure in the COMMANDS tab?


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    Phillip Ramirez



    If an element is not found it appears in the UI as an error on the specific command. It looks like the image below where it tells you what it was attempting to look for, what the command did, and if it encountered a problem while finding that element. This information should also be sent back to your test runner while the execution happens.


    This in itself isn't a test breaking command. You're welcome to look for multiple different elements and interact with only the one(s) found. So your test is allowed to continue if an element is not found. 


    If you'd like to add any more information to the test itself, you're welcome to use our context command. This will place any notes in the UI, similar to adding comments to your test code. For example, you can add information on what part of the test you're at or capture any errors and send them to the UI. 

    An example in Python looks like this:

    driver.execute_script('sauce:context=Place words here for notes')

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