Accounts and Billing

Free Trial FAQ

Free Trial FAQ November 2015 Why is Sauce Labs halting Free Accounts? We started Free accounts as a way to get people to try Sauce. We offered just 2 hours of automa...Read full article

I cannot subscribe to a paid plan or upgrade to another paid plan

If you are trying to upgrade to another pricing plan, and it fails, please send e-mail to and provide the following information: 1. You Sauce labs username 2. Your current plan level, an...Read full article

Sub-accounts vs Users

For some Sauce Labs plans, you are given the ability to have multiple users. For example, let's say the plan provides you with five users. This means that you can have one main user account and up to 4four sub-...Read full article

Where can I find my invoices?

Invoices are not currently available from the Sauce Labs site. If you need past invoices, first make sure to search your e-mail / spam folder, and if you cannot find them, please e-mail to...Read full article

You can't convert 'abc' to become a sub-account of 'abc'. These are the same accounts!

Hi! Saucesome Customers We are aware about issues when trying to invite sub-accounts. This is how the scenario would generally play out: 1. The parent account (e.g account 'abc') would invite a sub-accoun...Read full article

"Your account appears not to be subscribed"

Some paying customers have reported that when they click on Billing Info, they see the message "Your account appears not to be subscribed. Please contact if you think this is in error". "Sub...Read full article

Can't add sub-accounts even though I deleted some

It is not uncommon for longtime customers to find that they cannot add sub-accounts, even though they have deleted one or more to make room. Here's what's happening. When we change our pricing, we allow existi...Read full article

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, follow these steps: 1) Go to the login screen ( 2) Click the "Forgot Password" link 3) Type in your Sauce username and click Send.This will se...Read full article

Billing of parallel minutes?

I have just started reading the documentation for running tests, and it appear that I can run multiple tests in parallel. So..the big question is: If we run ten one-minute tests at the same time (so that the to...Read full article

Upgrade Sauce Subscription Plan But Don't See New Minutes

Please note whenever you upgrade your Sauce Labs subscription plan, you will not see your new additional minutes reflected right away in your account as it will take effect in your next monthly billing period i...Read full article