Sauce Connect

No --daemonize option in Sauce Connect Proxy 4.4.0

The --daemonize option is removed from Sauce Connect 4.4 onward. We now recommend using the operating system’s features or third party utilities to daemonize Sauce Connect. MacOSX, Fedora, Redhat, and CentOS...Read full article

"Zero Sized Reply" message when using Sauce Connect

When using Sauce Connect, if the browser is not able to connect to your site and you receive a message about a "Zero Sized Reply", this could be for a number of reasons. (This is the message our squid cache giv...Read full article

Sauce Connect Tunnel periodically does not close properly on Windows

When opening a tunnel on Windows and then closing it, over half of the time the tunnel is not closed properly. It stays open and then has to be manually closed at After sending t...Read full article

Unable to access .local sites on iOS devices

iOS devices regard .local as a reserved domain for Bonjour applications. As such, iOS devices are not able to resolve an internal website address if it ends in .local. More details on why this occurs can be f...Read full article

Some HTTPS sites don't work correctly under Sauce Connect

The Problem When you run tests against a HTTPS site, the browser shows "Bad Gateway", or a security warning, or just won't load the page you wanted. This only happens for HTTPS sites or single page apps ser...Read full article

My tunnel closed with 'Connection closed, exit code: 8.'

The Problem You're happily testing along and BAM! Your tests stop being able to access your application under test. When you go to check your server, you find that the output from Sauce Connect includes som...Read full article

Sharing the parent account tunnel

Hi! Saucesome Customers I often get the following question: Is it possible for sub-accounts to share the parent account tunnel? and the answer to this question is YES!! In a nutshell this is what you need t...Read full article

Running Sauce Connect as a windows service

It is not uncommon for an administrator to want to start Sauce Connect as a windows service. Currently, Sauce Connect is not setup to be a service but it can be made one via some external tools. The following a...Read full article

Routing all Protractor traffic through Sauce Connect

One of the features of Sauce Connect is the ability to send all traffic through the tunnel, including test commands. Typically, your Selenium commands are sent to Sauce's servers over the standard internet, an...Read full article

Sauce Connect 4.x and High Concurrency

High concurrency with Sauce Connect =================================== With a lot of parallel tests, Sauce Connect will become the aggregation point for lots of connections. With hundreds of tests running in p...Read full article