Manual Testing

Scrolling in iOS Manual Sessions

To scroll in a manual iOS Session requires a little more work then scrolling a webpage; There's no scroll bar and you can't press and hold because it selects the text. Instead, you just need to click and hold...Read full article

Known-incompatible Browser Settings and Plugins

We are aware that these settings and extensions may interfere with Sauce's normal behavior: Disabling Javascript: If Javascript is disabled, chances are that someone did this on purpose on your machine. We ...Read full article

How to open the web inspector to debug applications in mobile safari (iOS simulator)

Launch a manual session with the iOS simulator of your choice. In the manual session, open Safari (desktop). To do this: Click outside the simulator, activating Finder. Select File in the menu —> New ...Read full article

Sauce Labs no longer supports Manual Testing of Firefox 39 with Mac VMs

It has come to our attention that users were experiencing issues when they tried to run a Mac Manual session using the Firefox 39 browser where they saw 2 incomplete windows and the browser never loading. After...Read full article