Automated Mobile Testing

iOS 10 Support FAQs

Do you support iOS 10.1 in addition to 10.0? Not yet. This is iOS 10.0. IOS 10.1 was just released and we are currently working on making it available. Can you test Real Devices with iOS 10? Again, no...Read full article

Issues with Updated Google Play Services on Android Emulators

Google Play Services (GPS) enables a long list of integrations with the Google API. Unfortunately, Google doesn't always provide the most up-to-date version of GPS with its latest Android images, which affects ...Read full article

Resolving Issues with Android Emulator 2.0 Software Keyboards

As we rebuild our Android emulator cloud to fully utilize all the latest SDKs and Emulator 2.0 for Android Virtual Devices (AVDs), we've had to make some upgrades that may break existing tests. One of these ch...Read full article

Using Unicode (multi-byte) characters on Android

The Problem By default, Android emulators are not able to accept Unicode characters. This means that foreign languages, extended characters and (gasp!) Emoji are all unsupported by default. The Solution ...Read full article

Cannot access .local internal site via Sauce Connect on iOS devices

When running iOS tests over Sauce Connect, a local site cannot be reached which has the ending domain '.local'. For example, let's say the internal site is 'http://myWebsite.local'. The reason this fails is b...Read full article

Changing Orientation of Mobile Devices

With mobile devices being usable from a landscape or portrait perspective it's important to test both aspects to validate your content is being displayed how you want it! In iOS the options to rotate the devic...Read full article

Why sessions time out before starting

Symptoms Tests error out on your test runner, claiming: 'Could not start a new session. Possible causes are invalid address of the remote server or browser start-up failure.' On the Sauce Labs side, jobs ar...Read full article

Change to acceptable Android Emulator and iOS Simulator "deviceName" values; tests rejected with "Invalid device name specified"

On 6/7/16, Sauce Labs made a change to the values it will accept for the "deviceName" capability. The change affects tests on Android Emulators and iOS Simulators. Before, as long as 'platformName' was set to...Read full article

What makes desktop and mobile tests incomparable

There are many differences when comparing a test run in a mobile platform versus a desktop platform: The boot up time: For desktop platforms, the boot up is usually less than a minute. For mobile pl...Read full article