Automated Cross-Browser Testing

How can I schedule tests to run on Sauce?

While Sauce stores the results of your tests, we leave it up to you how to manage the scripts themselves. A continuous-integration solution, such as Travis-CI or Jenkins, can handle automating tests and generat...Read full article

Onchange and blur events aren't firing

What's Happening You've a site under automation, and everything works great when you interact with it yourself. When you use Selenium, however, your UI behaves funny. Typing in a field doesn't trigger vali...Read full article

Firefox Beta/Dev not starting

TL;DR Betas break. That's why they're betas. If you need stable Selenium integration, use the stable releases. Not Too Long; Did Read Firefox's dev and beta releases are automatically updated wh...Read full article

Default Selenium version for each Firefox browser version

Hi! Saucesome Customers Selenium support for Firefox is limited to specific versions combinations. The official documentation says Support for Firefox is the latest release, the previous release, the latest...Read full article

Viewing Unicode characters on Linux

The Problem The Web comes in all kinds of colours and, more importantly, characters. Sauce customers are worldly, suave travellers, and unfortunately, us at Sauce are working so hard on making Sauce a great...Read full article

Selenium 2.42.x does not work well with Firefox and Internet Explorer

In our testing, we found Selenium 2.42.x to be problematic with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Please use Selenium 2.40 or 2.43. We are not aware of problems with Chrome. Specifically, we tested the following:...Read full article

How to hide the warning message in Chrome 35+

Sauce Labs recently updated the default version of Chrome browser to 35, away from the older 27. This means that Chrome 35 is the version we serve up when no desired capability is sent for "version". Starting ...Read full article

My screenshots aren't full page or have black bars in IE / Chrome / Safari

Sauce Labs uses official Selenium WebDriver releases for all our browsers. In Selenium, each browser's WebDriver implementation handles screenshots differently, in a way specific to the browser. Screenshots gen...Read full article

Angular JS + Protractor Example

Hi! Saucesome Customers If you need an example when trying to run your Angular JS + Protractor tests with Sauce Labs, here are a set of steps that might help: Install Node.JS and NPM (e.g. Node.JS versi...Read full article

Why do my tests work when run sequentially, but fail when I run them in parallel?

Some customers have reported that they have tests that run successfully when run sequentially, but they fail when they run them in parallel. We've investigated a number of cases like this in depth. Historicall...Read full article