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The Sauce Labs Support Portal is your one-stop shop for getting your questions answered and your problems solved. You can use the Support Portal in the following ways:

(1) Search for answers in our Forums, which include knowledge base articles from Sauce Labs as well as questions and answers from other Sauce Labs customers. Just click the Forums tab above.

(2) Submit a feature request by going here: http://support.saucelabs.com/forums/20037088-Feature-Requests

(3) Submit a support request using the “Submit a Request” tab above. It’s best if you do this while logged in to Sauce Labs. If you are not logged in to Sauce, we suggest that you enter the same e-mail address as the one on your Sauce Labs account. (That way, your support request will get linked to your Sauce Labs account).

(4) Check the status of existing support requests using the “Check Your Existing Requests” tab above.

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